Last updated: November 2019

Question: What is Seasons of Trance?
Answer: That’s the name of a series of trance parties in Oslo, Norway.
Check out our Instagram and Facebook account. We have had artists such as Richard Durand, Super8 & Tab, Stoneface & Terminal and Driftmoon.

Question: Can I play at your events?
Answer: We think it’s great that you want to play at Seasons of Trance! We are always looking for both new and established talents. Send us a short introduction with a link to a mixtape, and we might come back to you. Use the e-mail address shown above. PS: Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Question: The event is sold out. What to do?
Answer: Check https://eqtix.no/sotevents for current ticket status.
The venue has a max capacity because of safety concerns. We might be able to release additional tickets the day of or during the event. All general ticket(s) is/are transferable. However, be aware of counterfeit tickets. We are not able to let you in if the barcode has already been scanned.

Question: How can I get a tickets discount to your events?
Answer: We get this question a lot. From friends, students and groups. And we love that you want to join our parties! To organize events in Oslo is expensive, and to be able to book artists from abroad, we need everyone to be a part of our expenses.
However, we also need people to share, talk and like our events.
If you want to spread the word about Seasons of Trance on your social media channels , you might be eligible for ticket discount. Send an e-mail to the address above with your name and subject “I love Seasons of Trance”, and we might come back to you with information about how to get cheaper tickets. 

Question: How can I be a part of Seasons of Trance?
Answer: If you have passion for running events, video editing, video filming, photography etc, you are more than welcome to contact us. Fill in this form

Question: I lost something at your event. How can I get it back?
Answer: The best way is to contact the venue directly. http://apenscene.no/kontakt/

Question: I want to have even more trance in Oslo! What to do?
Answer: Ask your friends to join our fanpage on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/seasonsoftrance/

See you at the next event.
Dance. Share. Love!

Contact information
Seasons of Trance is a team of dedicated people from Norway who aim to deliver trance music to the Norwegian crowd. The events are hosted by Sot Events AS, organisation number: 919527625

All general inquiries:

Alternative contact methods:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/seasonsoftrance/
For urgent matters: SMS +47 945 09 150