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Seasons of Trance is a team of dedicated people from Norway who aim to deliver trance music to the Norwegian crowd. The events are hosted by Sot Events AS, organisation number: 919527625

Press / Manager
Håvard Bauge

General inquiries

SMS: +47 945 09 150

Last updated: 20th of December 2017

Question: Why did you start organizing a trance party in cold Norway?
Answer: Norway had one of the biggest scenes for trance music back in the late 90’s. The biggest of them all, Hyperstate gathered thousand of people, and was a huge success for many years. In the 2000s and later on we had concepts like Under the Sun. The people behind Sot Events (that’s us), missed more trance events in the capital of Norway, Oslo. We made a deal with a venue, Teaterkjeller’n, and created our first event 13th of January 2017. After two editions with great success, we moved to Åpen Scene – which is our current venue.

Question: Isn’t trance music all about loud music, drugs, booze and keep your hands up in the air until they fall off?
Answer: For us, trance is a way of life! The feelings, passion and friends you get. Take a look at this video from Fall Edition 2017. We  have also collected some tracks played during Seasons of trance.
Oh, by the way: If you didn’t know, we run a strict anti-drugs policy on the door and inside the venue.

Question: How can I be a part of Seasons of trance?
Answer: If you have passion for running events, Photoshop / InDesign / video editing etc, you are more than welcome to contact us. Fill in this form

Question: I lost something at your event. How can I get it back?
Answer: The best way is to contact the venue directly. http://apenscene.no/kontakt/

Question: I want to have even more trance in Oslo! What to do?
Answer: Ask your friends to join our fanpage on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/seasonsoftrance/

See you at the next event.
Dance. Share. Love!